Laminate floor


Pergo Reliance is a laminate intended for commercial use.

The floor is installed using a glue-free CLICK system.


1-Material Description

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2-Material Composition

  • Surface: SRS (Scratch resistant surface), TRIPLE wear resistance- scotch guard and High pressure laminate (HPL) that top layer armed with flat aluminum particles for maximum durability and best scratch resistance.
  • Core: Puroflex high density polyurethane boards- aqua core.
  • Backing: PCA laminate

Available Color


Why choose PERGO?


There is ordinary laminate flooring – and then there is Pergo. The Original.
Pergo invented laminate flooring 35 years ago, and continue to lead the way in developing appearance, durability, feel and environmental credentials.

Finding the right floor is about finding a design you want to live with for many years to come. But Pergo laminate flooring offers more advantages than meets the eye. It’s easy to install, and incredibly durable, which means it can withstand years of use and still look beautiful.

Innovative design, decors and textures
Beautiful decors are developed by designers for the latest trends. Available in different formats and textures, Pergo’s wide selection offers something for every taste.

Best durability for real life challenges
If you want a floor that will stand up to small accidents, pets, children, etc., you’ll find it here. The secret lies in our product build up featuring patented TitanX™ surface, all backed by lifetime guarantee.

Pergo laminate flooring is made to last. The robust and innovative construction provides durability you’ll be glad you chose whenever the challenges of daily living suddenly arise. This extreme durability is the reason why we boldly guarantee our floors against wear, stains and fading caused by sunlight for up to 50 years – the best guarantee on the market.

All Pergo laminate floors come with an extensive warranty. Our public Extreme and original Excellence quality levels come with a lifetime guarantee.

No easier way than Pergo
Extremely easy installation thanks to our revolutionary click system, as well as low maintenance and effortless cleaning for long-lasting beauty.

Good environmental choice
Pergo laminate flooring is a certified good environmental choice made from renewable resources.

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The matt-shiny laminate from the Magnitude collection not only looks like a real oak plank floor, it feels like one too. The original Chromezone® technology* creates a true-to-nature look and feel. A fine micro-V-groove on the four sides of the laminate planks brings a sense of depth into your home.

* patent pending


Optimum, standard laminate without fringes. It is the perfect living room floor that creates warmth and an attractive cosiness in your interior. This collection offers different rich, authentic decors and true-to-nature laminate planks without grooves for a smooth spacious effect. Timeless laminate in any sense.

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Tradition Quattro

The Tradition Quattro laminate collection combines tradition and authenticity. The laminate looks like a real parquet floor. The true-to-nature look of the laminate planks is enhanced even more by the four-sided V-groove. This collection is a true classic in the Balterio range… and in your interior.

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Vitality: trendy, affordable and easy to install.

A Vitality floor is just what you need. The Vitality range has everything you expect of a laminate floor. You will certainly find what you are looking for in one of the four Vitality sets. The Clickx® system and the PressXpress® system are your guarantee for ultimate ease of installation and many years of enjoyment from your laminate floor.

Vitality laminate floors are produced by Spanolux SA – Rue de la Forêt 2 – 6690 Vielsalm (Belgium). The state of the art production plant is situated in the heart of the Belgian Ardens and uses only the best raw materials and production processes. The plant is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified. Vitality laminate complies to the strict EPLF norm EN13329 and CE norm EN14041, your guarantee for quality laminate floors.

The Clickx® rolling system and the PressXpress® fold down system offer unparalleled ease of installation, seamless joints and many years of enjoyment.

Vitality only uses the best raw materials to produce its laminate floors